Back Forty in East Village

The food was uneven , the sausage was good , the whole fish (Porgy) was great, the pork nuggets were good, yucca fries were undercooked, the regular fries average, the greens served with the fish were undercooked and chewy, the waitress was great, the hostess unnecessarily rude.
Very loud in the back room and not pretty either, too claustrophobic, the drinks were good but not mind blowing, $300 for four people, expensive but not unlike a lot of NYC restaurants!

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drinks, dinner and grappa

I met Rick, an old college buddy,  at Bar Stuzzichini at Broadway and 22nd Street.  It was our last meeting before I go back to NYC in a few days.  We had a huge martini for me and glass of prosecco for him, then we had the prosciutto crostini, and the mushroom crostini, yum! Then a small order (2 pieces) of deep fried zucchini balls, with an amazing burrata and herb cheese side. Then we ordered a single portion of


Sliced and sautéed New York strip, balsamic, arugula, parmigiano

and spinach with garlic as a side!!

Everything was delicious.  But the evening ended with a flight of grappa at Eataly, which hit us both like a ton of bricks, delicious of course but not for lightweights like us!

here is one grappa we tried:

Honey (Miele) Grappa – If you’re visiting the Veneto region of Italy (the province of the town of Bassano del Grappa), you’ll be astounded by the great variety of grappa in various flavors, often sold in very attractive bottles. Poli is one of the largest producers, and they have a Grappa Museum you can visit (near the town of Bassano). You can sample and buy different grappa, including our favorite Honey (Miele) variety.

and this one available at

Marolo Grappa & Camomile Hole Bottle –

Italy | (375)mL

This magical blend of grappa and camomile will delight the grappa aficionado and most ardent grappa despiser alike. It has just enough sweetness to cover up any of the roughness grappa is known for, while remaining more sophisticated than a typical sweet liqueur.

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Azaleas, sexy lingerie in nyc

this is amazing, I found this place not far from my apartment, in the east village, here is the address: Azaleas
223 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003-7613
(212) 253-5484 ‎

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WD 50 in New York City for dinner

it took three weeks to get a 7pm friday night reservation for two, and then a small table and butting up against someone on both sides, but Wylie is someone john and I have always admired on tv both for his innovative style and eccentric presentations, and hair!

anyway I did see him walking his baby in a stroller a month ago or so so I think he lives near us in nyc, Stuyvesant town area.  the food was good, challenging to the palate in some ways and well prepared, artistic, philosophical, a bit under-seasoned, but gratifying experience nevertheless

here are photos of the food:

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Melissa D’Arabian at WD 50 in New York City

there was a wonderful moment when melissa walked into wd 50 , truly surreal, since I had only seen her on tv as she competed for the top amateur chef spot a year ago and won

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eating at the metropolitan museum of art

Petrie Cafe is really fabulous, especially for a quick espresso and cookies

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art from the met in nyc

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