pastis restaurant and ralph fiennes

Mom and I went to Pastis restaurant, in the old meatpacking district in NYC and had lunch, which was a kind of an adventure!
We were there at 11:30 AM and the dining area is closed until 12PM, so we waited, staring at the dining area, counting minutes, and I immediately scanned the room for stragglers, people who were already seated there, Ralph Fiennes being one of them, engaged in a conversation with the restaurant’s owner (female). He got up right before twelve and walked out of the room, right past my mother and then gave her a big smile! She is fearless and a flirt!  It turns out she had been smiling at him the whole time!
We had the fish and chips and the carrot and ginger soup, which was bland and the chips were greasy and overcoooked.
I missed the old chicken liver pate sandwich they served years ago, on a crunchy baguette with cornichons!
The desserts were to die for though!

mom staring at the dining area, waiting to be seated

people seated behind us and the menu board

the view of the dining area

pastis menu

floating islands, i.e. isle flotante

pear helene


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