Back Forty in East Village

The food was uneven , the sausage was good , the whole fish (Porgy) was great, the pork nuggets were good, yucca fries were undercooked, the regular fries average, the greens served with the fish were undercooked and chewy, the waitress was great, the hostess unnecessarily rude.
Very loud in the back room and not pretty either, too claustrophobic, the drinks were good but not mind blowing, $300 for four people, expensive but not unlike a lot of NYC restaurants!


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One Response to Back Forty in East Village

  1. Brandy says:

    I heart finding new places to try and I really heart brunch too, who doesn’t? Just to toot my own horn, I have been using City Maps to find new brunch spots for weeks. And just this week, NY Mag caught on with the Approval Matrix. Trendsetter, that’s me

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